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Medicare Insurance Options in Boynton Beach, FL

Boynton Beach, Florida is a very popular and well known retirement area on the east coast of Florida.  With a location just north of the high property values of Boca Raton and South of Palm Beach, Boynton offers an affordable retirement option in sunny south Florida.  When deciding on a retirement in Boynton Beach the Medicare insurance options in the area must be examined.  The three most popular Medicare insurance options for Boynton Beach are:  Medicare Part A and B with an additional Medicare Supplement Policy, Medicare Advantage PPO Plan, or Medicare Advantage HMO Plan. 

Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Boynton Beach, Florida

Medicare Supplement insurance is also called Medigap insurance this is because if fills in the gaps left by Medicare Part A and B.  Florida Medigap insurance will pay the deductibles and copayments left over by Medicare, the deductibles and copayments for 2012 are:

  1. $1156 Hospital deductible
  2. $140 Part B deductible
  3.  20% Part B copayment  "When the Doctor Bill for an operation is $100,000 , the co-insurance charge is $ 20,000.00"

The Supplement Plans in Boynton Beach are priced near the top of the range for the state of Florida. While Medicare Supplement Plans in Cape Coral , FL are priced much lower. The general rule of thumb for Medigap prices is the more populated the area the higher the price of the Medicare Supplement Policy. 

Medicare Advantage PPO plans in Boynton Beach, FL

Medicare Advantage is the private insurance option for Medicare insurance.  You can choose a Medicare Advantage plan in Boynton Beach instead of Medicare Part A and B.  The private insurance companies that provide Advantage plans are required by law to have the same or better coverage than Medicare Part A and B. 
A PPO plan is a, preferred provider organization; this is a type of health insurance that is usually found for individuals fewer than 65.  There are network doctors and hospitals while they do generally have bigger networks than HMO’s.  

The highest rated Medicare Advantage PPO’s in Boynton Beach are: HumanaChoice (Regional PPO), AARP MedicareComplete Choice Essential (Regional PPO), and Aetna Medicare Premier Plan (PPO) (rating is obtained from the Medicare.gov website click here to learn how)

Boynton Beach Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

The most populated areas in Florida have HMO Medicare Advantage Plans; an HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization.  This type of health insurance is designed to prevent illness with preventative care and have doctors who have contracted to see patients in the HMO for a specified price.  These types of Health insurance tend to be the least popular, but can be a very attractive option for seniors who live in cities and will always be in network.  The highest rated Medicare Advantage HMO’s in Boynton Beach are: Optimum Platinum Plan (HMO-POS), Freedom Medicare Plan Rx (HMO), and CareOpen (HMO). 

Click here to learn how to use the Medicare.gov website to find Part D plans

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