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Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Cape Coral Florida

The most popular choice of Medicare insurance in Cape Coral is to have traditional Medicare A and B with and additional Medicare Supplement insurance policy.  This offers the most complete coverage with very little or no gaps.  Residents of Cape Coral that choose Medicare A and B along with a supplement policy can see any doctor or use any hospital in Fort Myers, Naples or anywhere else in the United States without getting a referral or having to worry about being in or out of network. Cape Coral Medicare Supplement rates are on the lower side when compared to the rest of the state. 

Medicare supplement rates in Cape Coral range from $53 to $240, we recommend the Florida Medicare Plan F or the Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F it offers the most complete protection available in a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy.

Medicare Advantage Plan in Cape Coral

 Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage Plan are a private insurance option to receive your Medicare part A and B benefits. 
The negative parts of having a Medicare  Advantage Plans in Cape Coral, FL are:

  • You will have network doctors and hospitals
  • You will be limited in receiving medical treatment out of the area
  • Medicare Advantage Plans are on yearly contract
  • Medicare Advantage Plans are private insurance not government healthcare
  • You will no longer use your Red White and Blue Medicare Card

The positive aspects of Cape Coral Medicare Advantage Plans are:

  • Little or no monthly premium, although you must continue to pay the Medicare part B premium
  • Most Medicare Advantage Plans also include prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare Advantage plans must cover just as much or more than Medicare A and B

The highest rated Medicare Advantage Plans in Cape Coral are:  Aetna Medicare Premier Plan, Optimum Platinum Plan, Freedom Medicare Plan Rx, CareOne, and HumanaChoice

Choosing Medicare Part D plan in Cape Coral

Medicare part D is prescription drug coverage every person who receives Medicare must have a part D plan or risks receiving a late enrollment penalty.  When choosing a perscription drug plan or Medicare part D plan in Cape Coral it is important to remember that part D plans are on yearly contract and you must reevaluate you part D plan each year to insure you do not over pay.  We have created a tutorial on this website to assist you in this process.

Go to :  Step by Step tutorial of how to compare Medicare part D palns on the Medicare.gov website


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