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Medicare Insurance options for Fort Myers, FL

When Americans reach the age of 65 they are eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, this is known as traditional or original Medicare.  It provides Hospital and Medical health insurance on a national level and is subsidized by the federal government.  Medicare Part A is Hospital Insurance and has been paid for by 40 quarters of taxes taken out of your or your spouse’s pay check.  Medicare Part B is Medical insurance and there is an additional monthly premium in 2012 of $99.90 which will be taken out of your social security check or billed to you if you are not yet receiving social security.  Once you have Medicare Part A and B you also have the choice of additional insurance options they are Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy also called Medigap Policy, Medicare Part C Advnatage Plan, and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Supplement Policies in Fort Myers

The parts of traditional Medicare have gaps in coverage in the form of deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments.  Fort Myers Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies are a private insurance policy purchased in addition to Medicare Part A and B to cover some or all of the gaps in traditional Medicare.  The most popular Medicare Supplement Policy is the Plan F, it covers deductible, co-insurance, and copayments that Medicare A and B do not cover.  The Plan F is the Medicare Supplement policy with the highest level of benefits.  There are other Medicare Supplement policies that are available in Fort Myers that provide excellent coverage at a lower premium.  Two of these policies are the Florida Supplement Plan N and the Florida High Deductible Plan F

Prices for Medicare Supplements in Fort Myers start at:

  • another insurance company Insurance Plan F = $180.54
  • a insurance company Plan N = $153.00
  • a insurance company High Deductible Plan F = $61.00

Medicare Advantage Plans in Fort Myers

Medicare Advantage plans are a private insurance options to provide your Medicare Part A and B benefits.  How this works is the government pays your monthly premium for the Advantage plan you choose instead of providing you with health coverage.  Fort Myers Medicare Advantage Plans must provide the same coverage as Medicare Part A and B, although it is not guaranteed they will provide the same treatment options you could receive with traditional Medicare A and B.  Medicare Advantage plans in Fort Myers will have network doctors and Hospitals.  Fort Myers does not have any Advantage Plans that are considered HMO’s, areas like Boynton Beach have Medicare Advantage HMO’s and PPO’s to choose from.  While Medicare Advantage Plans may have hidden charges and coverage limits they have little or no monthly premium and for that reason they are a very popular Medicare Insurance option. 

Fort Myers Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

When you first become eligible for Medicare it is important to sign up for a Medicare Part D plan to provide prescription drug coverage. 
A few things to remember about Fort Myers Medicare Part D Plans:

  • If you do not have a Part D plan you may get a late enrollment penalty.
  • Some Medicare Advantage Plans include a Part D Plan.
  • Medicare Part D is a yearly contract with and Medicare open enrollment period from October 15 – November 7
  • Drugs can change prices and plans can change coverage levels each year.

For a step by step tutorial on how to use the Medicare.gov website to find Part D plans CLICK HERE

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