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Sarasota, Florida: Medicare Insurance Options

When moving to an area like Sarasota, FL it is essential to reevaluate your Medicare insurance to insure that you are receiving the lowest rates on your Sarasota Medicare Supplement and Part D Plans.  If you have an advantage plan then you are able to switch to a Medicare Advantage plan in Sarasota that has a large network of local doctors and hospitals. 

Medicare Supplemental Insurance for Sarasota, FL

Florida Medicare Supplement plans are priced according to four main factors, they are: age (always buy an issue age policy), gender, zip code of residence, and tobacco use.  These factors affect the price in a traditional manner with the higher prices being for: greater age, Men, areas of greater population and for people who use tobacco.  Sarasota Medicare Supplement policies are the median for the state of Florida.  An example of Medicare Supplement rates in Sarasota are: (Quotes with companies name cannot be supplied here due to legal requirements, please enter your zip code  above to get firm quotes­)

  • A 65 year old woman can purchase a supplement plan F for: $180.45 and $203.08 with tobacco use.
  • A 65 year old man can purchase a supplement plan F for: 207.51 and $233.78 with tobacco use.

Florida High deductible Plan F

The High deductible plan F offers excellent protection in the form a medicare supplement without the high monthly cost.  The HDF or high deductible Plan F has a 2070 yearly deductible and then has the same coverage at a Full F.  The prices for a High Deductible Plan F in Sarasota are:

  • HDF – High Deductible Plan F in Sarasota for a 65 year old Woman :  $61
  • HDF for a 65 year old Man : $70

Read more about the Florida High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Sarasota Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage is I a private insurance policy that is used to provide your Medicare health benefits. Sarasota has a large number of Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.  The top Medicare Advantage Plans in Sarasota, FL are : (Sorted by overall satisfaction according to the Medicare.gov website)

  1. Coming Soon

Medicare Part D plan available in Sarasota

Medicare Part D is the prscription drug coverage that is purchased in addition to a Medicare Supplement policy or is can be part of a Medicare Advantage Plan.  It is essential that every person who has Medicare health coverage also have a Part D plan or you can risk paying a late enrollment penalty.  Medicare Part D plans should be reevaluated each year during the open enrollment period from October 15 thru December 7th.   Each year the insurance companies will change the coverage of the plans, this means that the plan that was the best value in 2012 may not be the best in 2013.  Go to http://www.medicare-supplement-advisor.org/How-to-choose-a-Part-D-Plan.html for a tutorial on how to find the best plan for you. 


Below is a video tutorial of how to use the Medicare.gov website to find a Part D plan


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