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V.Reed Speas II - Fort Myers Medicare Supplemental Insurance Agent

If you are turning 65 and new to Medicare or looking to evaluate your Medicare insurance Reed offers an explaniation of Medicare and the insurance options available to a Medicare recipient. Call today to set up an appointment 239-288-0880. Reed Speas is an insurance agent in Fort Myers, FL who specializes in Medicare insurance products.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans have differnt prices throughout the state of Florida. Fort Myers Medicare insurance products are some of the lowest prices in the state of Florida. The most popular Medicare Supplements in Fort Myers are the Plan F and the High Deductible Plan F.

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If you are new to Medicare Mr. Speas offers a short simplified explanation of the parts of Medicare and the costs associated with each of the four parts.

Choosing a Medicare insurance product is an important part of turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare coverage. It is difficult to understand how Medicare works and what traditional Medicare covers and does not cover. Medicare supplemental insurance comes in a variety of different plans starting with Plan A and ending with Supplement Plan F. It is also important to take a look at other types of Medicare insurance in the Cape Coral area. Mr. Speas our insurance agent will explain Medicare in its simplest terms and provide you with coverage options that can fit your budget.

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Commonly Asked Medicare Supplement Questions and Answers

1. Q = I am thinking about moving to South Carolina , if I buy a Medicare Supplement from an insurance company can I take it with me when I move?

A= Yes you can keep your Medicare Supplement from an insurance company anywhere you move.


2. Q = If I am visiting my family in Ohio will my Florida Medicare supplement cover any medical expenses I may have while in Ohio ?

A = Yes, the Medicare Supplement Policy that you purchased here in Fort Myers, FL will cover you anywhere in the United States and some plans even have emergency protection while traveling abroad.


3. Q = Do I have to enroll for Medicare Part D at the same time as I purchase my Medicare Supplement?

A = You are not required to enroll in a Medicare Part D program when you purchase a supplement. Although if you do not have a " form of prescription drug coverage" when you first have Medicare Part B then you may be susceptible to a late enrollment penalty. Most people will enroll in a Medicare Part D program when they enter Medicare.


4. Q = We currently have a Minnesota Medicare supplement policy and we are moving to Fort Myers, Florida permanently this November. Do we need to get a Florida Medicare Supplement Policy or can we transfer our policy from Minnesota ?

A = You will need to get a Florida Medicare Supplement Policy, many of the Medicare supplement providers are state run organizations and they are not transferable to Florida. Although some can be transferred to Florida for and higher premium.

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