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Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

Medicare Supplement Policies are a private insurance addition to traditional Medicare Part A and B.  Medicare Supplement Plans are labeled by letters of the alphabet, the most popular plans are: A, F, N, and HDF.  The benefits of Medicare Supplement plans are set by the government and are the same at each insurance company.  (A Florida Medicare Supplement Plan F has exactly the same benefits a insurance company, another insurance company Insurance Company, and Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company) 

This however does not mean that all Medicare Insurance Companies are the same.  Some of the key differences the Medicare Insurance companies have are in the way they price their Medicare Supplement Policies.  Florida Medicare Supplement rates are determined by: age of the applicant, zip-code of residence, gender, and tobacco use.  Medicare Supplement rates will also change, the change in price is affected by if the policy is issue age, attained age, or geographically determined.  The most desirable is issue age.  

There are two parts to traditional Medicare they are parts A and B.  Medicare Part A is considered hospital insurance and Part B is considered medical insurance.  There are deductibles, co-insurance and copayments that are not covered by traditional Medicare Part A and B.  Medicare Supplement policies cover some or all of these deductibles, co-insurance, and copayments. 

The Medicare Supplement policy that has the most benefits is the Plan F.  The Medicare Supplement Plan F will cover all of the deductibles, co-insurance, and copayments that Medicare does not cover.

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F is exactly the same as the Plan F.  It will cover all deductibles, co-insurance and copayments after the yearly deductible of 2070 for 2012 is reached. 

Charges covered by the High Deductible Plan F after the $2070 yearly deductible is reached are:

Medicare Part A: 

Days 1-60: $1156 Hospital deductible

Days 61-90: $289 per day copay
Days 91-150: $578 per day copay
Blood: first 3 pints of blood each year
Skilled Nursing Confinement: After day 20 $144.50 per day copay

Medicare Part B:

$140 Part B deductible
20% copayment (this is the most dangerous gap in Medicare coverage)
"If the Medical Bill for heart surgery is $100,000 then the coinsurance charge to you is $ 20,000"


Rates for a Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F from a insurance company


High Deductible Plan F by the numbers

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F purchased at age 65 by a female in Sarasota, Florida = $66 per month.

  • $66 * 12 months = $792
  • Yearly Deductible = $2070
  • Max yearly costs = $ 2862
  • Minimum yearly costs = $792

Medicare Supplement Plan F purchased at age 65 by a female in Sarasota, Florida = $ 194

  • $194 * 12 months = $2328
  • Max yearly costs = $2328
  • Minimum yearly costs = $2328

According to a insurance company 80% of policyholders ages 65-67 had annual claims averaging $524

  • High Deductible Plan F yearly cost = $792
  • 80% of annual claims average = $ 524
  • Total costs for the 80% = $1316
  • Total savings over Plan F for the 80% : $2328 – $1316 = $1012 yearly savings

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