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How can I be sure that the doctors are being paid the full amount they are owed?

When treatment is provided to a patient with a Medigap policy the process is as follows:

1. When the patient arrives at the hospital or doctor's office they provide the medical professionals with their Red White and Blue Medicare card and their supplement insurance card.

2. In the case of a Florida Medicare Supplement Plan F no copayment is required and the patient receives the desired treatment.

3. The doctor will later bill Medicare for the services provided, while also providing Medicare with the details of the patients supplement policy.

4. Medicare will then process the payment to the medical professional and provide the Medigap insurance provider with their percentage of the charges.

5. The Medigap Insurance Company will then pay the medical professional the amount owed and send an E.O.B. (explanation of benefits) to the patient, outlining what charges were paid to the doctor.

6. The claims process is then complete, most insurance companies have electronic claims processing to expedite the process and reduce paperwork.

Do I have to file claims with a Medigap Policy?

No, you do not have to file a claim.  You must provide your doctor with you Medicare card and you supplement policy card.  The claim will be filed electronically and you will receive an E.O.B. (explanation of benefits) statement detailing payments made to your doctor. 


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