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Medicare Insurance Products in Miami - Dade County , Florida

Medigap Insurance in Miami, FL / Dade County

Miami / Dade County Florida have the highest populated area in the state of Florida and also have the highest premiums for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Products. A Medicare Supplement Plan F, the most popular and comprehensive Medigap policy will cost a 65 year old woman who does not smoke and lives in Naples, FL $ 179.30. The same Medicare Supplement policy written for the same woman living in Miami / Dade County will cost $ 254.70. This amount of money can be very difficult to pay on a fixed income; due to this Medicare Advantage programs are especially popular in the Miami / Dade area. Medicare Supplemental Insurance prices are based upon three specific factors, they are: Zip-Code, Sex and also Tobacco usage. If you would like an exact quote for a Medicare supplemental insurance plan Click This Link.

Medicare Advantage Plans for Miami / Dade

Medicare Advantage Plans are a form of private insurance that an individual can choose instead of having traditional Medicare Part A and B. Individuals choose an advantage plan for many reasons these reasons can include: Low or NO monthly premium, and/or Extra benefits including hearing and limited dental. NO MONTHLY PREMIUM???? , yes Blue Cross and Blue Shield Regional PPO does not charge a monthly premium. But there is a catch; Along with the extra benefits you may receive with a Medicare Advantage Plan you also have Coverage Limits, Out of Pocket Expenses, IN and Out of Network doctors and hospitals, and many other forms of “red tape”

Miami / Dade Medicare Part D Plans

The third part of the equation is Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage. Most Doctors prescribe there patients prescription drugs to lower cholesterol, fight high blood pressure, or as a preventative measure to prevent a future health problem. These prescription drugs can be very expensive before they become generic. Most insurance companies that offer Medicare Insurance also offer Part D Prescription drug coverage. The best way to pick a prescription drug cover that is right for you is to visit medicare.gov website. . All suppliers of prescription drug insurance coverage carries a monthly charge and a fixed charge per prescription medication depending on the tier level that insurance company rates that specific drug.

Before you choose a Medicare Insurance Plan it is essential that the hospital in you is accept your coverage and the doctor you have is In-network. Below are some of the hospitals in the Miami Dade area.

Coral Gables Hospital - Miami, FL
3100 S Douglas Road
Coral Gables
(305) 445-8461

Palmetto General Hospital - Miami, FL
2001 West 68th Street, Hialeah, FL
(305) 823-5000 ‎

University of Miami Hospitals & Clinics : UMHC
1475 Northwest 12th Avenue, Miami, FL
(305) 243-6506


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