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Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue

There are periods of time individuals can purchase a Florida Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy without having to answer any health questions and have any preexisting conditions immediately covered, this is known as open enrollment or guaranteed issue. (It will be referred to as guaranteed issue going forward in the article) There are different instances that a person is in guaranteed issue depending on when they first subscribe to Medicare. The three most common guaranteed issue periods are: turning 65, losing or leaving an employer sponsored insurance, and leaving a Medicare Advantage program after less than a year.

The most common period of guaranteed issue for a Medicare supplement is upon turning 65. When turning 65 you are eligible for Medicare and will need to sign up if you do not begin collecting your Social Security payments. The guaranteed issue period for Medicare supplement policies is a 7 month period surrounding your 65 birthday. It is the three months before, the month of, and three months after your 65 birthday. If you have lived at the same residence and are not on the National Do Not Call registry then you will most likely start receiving phone calls from insurance agents 6 months before your 65 birthday. (To add your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry go to: www.donotcall.gov )

Many people continue to work or have a spouse that continues to work after turning 65. The health coverage that is provided by your employer will qualify you to have guaranteed issue once that coverage ends. Two common examples of this are: General Motors is ending a supplement policy that it provides for retired employees, or John is retiring at 68 and is losing his employer sponsored health coverage. In both of these cases the individuals and their spouses are in a Medicare guaranteed issue period.

Medicare Advantage programs are an alternative form of health care to traditional Medicare A and B. They are provided by private insurance and are very similar to under 65 health insurance policies. If you elect to join a Medicare advantage program upon turning 65 and leave after the first year then you have a guaranteed issue period in January and February. When you are reinstated in Medicare part A and B you can enroll in a supplement policy without having to answer health questions. Also if you choose to leave a supplement policy for an Advantage plan and leave the Advantage plan after one year, you will have guaranteed issue.

These are the three most common Guaranteed Issue periods for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies. If you are not in a guaranteed issue period then you must answer health related questions to qualify for a supplement policy. The questions that must be answered to qualify are in reference to current health and recent hospitalization. Follow this link for examples of Medicare Supplement Qualifying Health Questions. When turning 65 it is best to obtain a Medicare supplement Plan F that is issue age rated and can be transferred anywhere in the United States.

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