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Tampa, Florida - Medicare Insurance Products

Medigap Insurance in Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida features excellent rates for Medigap health insurance in Florida. Florida Medicare Supplemental Insurance prices are based upon three specific factors, they are: Zip-Code, Sex and also Tobacco usage. The rates in Tampa, Florida are actually the middle for the state. North Central Florida offers the lowest prices in the state while at the same time SE FL has the highest rates inside the state. To get prices from several of the most popular insurance companies in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida Medicare Part D Plans

Virtually all individuals that have reached age Sixty-five and are participating in Medicare insurance must have some type of prescription medication insurance coverage or take a chance on becoming penalized for delayed registration. All suppliers of prescription drug insurance coverage carries a monthly charge and an fixed charge per prescription medication depending on the teir level that insurance company rates that specific drug. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield BlueMedicare Rx option 1 carries a $40 monthly premium as well as a $0 copay for generic prescription drugs purchased via postal mail delivery.

Medicare Advantage Plans for Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida has Medicare part C "Advantage" plans via: Humana, Coventry, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of FL, and United Healthcare. Medicare Part C or Advantage Plans are private insurance in lieu of Conventional Medicare Part A and B. The US Government pays the premium instead of supplying Medicare Health Coverage. When you're participating in a Medicare Part C you're vulnerable to coverage limitations, provider networks as well as other rules that someone having Medicare Part A and B would not have. Please visit our Supplement or Advantage website page to get a next to each other review of Medigap Insurance and Medicare Part C Advantage Plans.

If you're considering a Medicare Part C Plan please be sure to check the hospitals below in the Tampa, Florida area to make sure that they accept the program that you're selecting. While Medicare Advantage plan will cost less up front they tend to have hidden charges and restrictions.


St Joseph's Hospital of Tampa
3001 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 554-8500

Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Usf Magnolia Dr
Tampa, FL 33612
(888) 439-7330

Shriners Hospitals
12502 Usf Pine Dr
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 972-2250

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