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2013 Open Enrollment

Get ready for 2013 Medicare Enrollment     

2013 Medicare Enrollment is already around the corner. The enrollment for Medicare will start from 15th October to & 7th December 2012. The counselors of State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) are arranging for appointments to assist and educate about Medicare related options to the older adults of the area. Therefore, it is time, once again to re check and validates your Medicare and other prescription drug plans for the next one year.

It is advisable to reassess the entire Medicare process, like coverage time span and cost prior to the enrollment of Medicare. Even if you are being benefited from the current Medicare advantage plan or from your prescription drugs under it, it will always be better to have a thorough check up of the plan. Union County SHIP counselor of SAGE Eldercare, Elyse Drucker said that by comparing your current plan with the other available Medicare plans, offered by health insurance companies or your provider is the only way to save on health care costs.

Above or under 65 years of age with certain disabilities are the qualifying criterions for Medicare Health Insurance. There are several parts of Medicare, which covers some specific services. Those are:

  1. PART A – Hospital Insurance.
  2. PART B- Doctor’s visit.
  3. PART C- also called Medicare Advantage plan that offers numerous health plan alternatives aided by only private insurance companies, which are Medicare-approved.
  4. PART D- Medicare prescription drugs.

For comparing different plans and selecting the best out of them, it is recommended for you to consult and take advice from anyone who does not have affiliation with any specific health care insurance company. The SHIP counselors are also assisting with personalized Medicare counselling, completely free of charge.

Contact : Reed Speas Fort Myers Medicare Supplement Advisor  – Independent insurance Agent serving all of SWFL

SAGE Eldercare is serving as the SHIP representative in Union County. There are volunteers and staffs available to assist you at any point of time. They are available free and will also counsel you in/by

–       Taking decision about Medicare coverage in terms of confidential and personalized objective.

–       Billing details, claims or appeals.

–       Imparting information regarding programs specially designed for people in Lower-income-group as well reassessing 2013 coverage.

For further information, please contact SAGE Eldercare SHIP counsellors at 908.273.6999.


For residents outside Union County, visit:

To contact SHIP representatives in other New Jersey Counties or in other states of US please call: 1‑800‑MEDICARE.

About SAGE Eldercare:

SAGE is a non-profit eldercare agency in United State, founded in 1954. It is one of the oldest in New Jersey area and offers a broad spectrum of services under a single roof. It helps the elderly people to cope with their infirmity and to remain independent at their own home. SAGE Eldercare is highly concerned with the well being, independence, and quality of life of the older generations. They support their caregiver and families by some client-cantered health and social support.

The available programs at SAGE Eldercare are:

  • Home Care
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Spend-a-day
  • Adult Day
  • Health Center
  • Guidance, Planning and Support (GPS)
  • Info Care- free information and referral services
  • Fall Prevention Initiative
  • Grocery Shopping and Errand Service
  • Bill Paying Service
  • Holistic Living Services
  • Alzheimer’s and PREP caregiver support groups
  • Community Education
  • and Union County Medicare SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program)

Apart from these, SAGE has also conducted a Furniture Restoration Workshop, managed by volunteers specialized in rushing and caning chairs, refinishing furniture. It has also operated a Resale shop for more than 50 years. Both of these programs act as a backbone of support and essentially funding that helps rendering services for the seniors of the community.