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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE AND MEDIGAP INSURANCEThe two terms are synonymous.  Medicare Supplemental Insurance is also called Medigap Insurance.  It got this nickname because the insurance fills the gaps left by Medicare alone.HOW CAN I APPLY FOR MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE?The application process for Medicare Supplemental Insurance is very easy and can be done over the phone or in person. The process takes about 30 minutes and most times the policy can be issued within a week. You can call my office today at (239) 288 – 0880 , fill out the form on this webpage and I will be in contact shortly or send me an email at V.Reed.Speas@gmail.comDO I HAVE TO QUALIFY AND ANSWER HEALTH RELATED QUESTIONS FOR MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE?If you are turning 65 you are in a Guaranteed Issue period for the 7 months surrounding your 65 birthday. This means you will not have to answer any health questions and cannot be denied coverage for health reasons. There are other Guaranteed issue periods for Medicare Supplemental insurance some of them are: leaving a employer sponsored health plan, being dropped by a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Advantage plan you are enrolled in going out of business, or leaving a Medicare Advantage Plan after your first year.

Source: FL Medicare Insurance Agent – Plan F HDF