The Truth about Medicare Advantage Plans

Secure Horizons



I received a phone call from a Shirley a friend of my wife who was desperately trying to get a hold of someone who could explain why her father did not have Medicare Part A and B. ” He as Secure Horizons” she said , “that is not Medicare?” I calmly explained that when her father opted to enroll in the Medicare Part C “Advantage” plan he was opting out of Medicare for private insurance. Her response was, “He cannot see the doctor we need to see because he is not in the network”. She then wanted to know how she could get him back to Medicare Part A and B. I told her that every year from November to January there is a dis-enrollment period where he can drop Secure Horizons. I was thinking to myself that he will probably not be able to sign up for a Medicare supplement because he is already sick. It just doesn’t work that way, you have to get insurance before you get sick not after. Shirley was not happy to hear my prognosis of the situation, but at this point there is not much she can do. I have heard time and again that, “Secure Horizons is a great plan my friends have it and have not had to pay a bill”. I also speak to many people that are experiencing massive medical bills or are not allowed to see the doctors of their choice on an “advantage Plan”. I always feel that you get what you pay for and health care is not different.


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